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After the common cold, cavities are the second most common disease. Still, it’s never too late to take control of your dental health. This includes treating oral health problems and preventing future dental problems through preventive care.

In Westmont, IL, Dr. Sana Ahmed and Dr. Juned Mohammed help patients take control of their dental health and strive to prevent tooth decay through routine dental cleaningsfluoride treatments, and dental sealants. Set up your next general dentist appointment at Evolve Dentistry by calling (630) 812-7755 or messaging us online and continue reading to learn our six secrets to cavity prevention.

1.    Understand your cavity risk level.

Your genetics, lifestyle, and overall health guide our dentists in understanding your cavity risk level. The best way to understand your cavity risk level is to schedule a comprehensive dental check-up. Here, our Westmont dentists can assess risk levels and determine how often you should visit the dentist to prevent tooth decay.

2.    Brush and floss your teeth habitually and adequately.

While many of us might have heard of the importance of brushing and flossing daily, it’s also essential to understand why. The action of brushing and flossing is designed to help physically remove the strains of bacteria that cause cavities. Pair this action with ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste to help your enamel become more resistant to tooth decay.

3.    Cut back on sugary, starchy, and acidic foods and drinks.

The mouth is home to millions of microorganisms, and the microorganisms that contribute to tooth decay thrive on sugary and starchy foods. They take the sugars and starches we eat and recycle them for their diets. With consumption comes waste, and cavity-causing microbes leave behind a sticky biofilm known as plaque.

While daily brushing and flossing help remove plaque, the bacteria in plaque produce acids after eating or drinking. Furthermore, these acids destroy dental enamel and cause little pits known as cavities.

4.    Drink more water.

Aside from most water containing anti-cavity fluoride, drinking water helps keeps us hydrated and can wash away the bacteria that cause cavities. On the other hand, dehydration can lead to dry mouth, and when bacteria don’t wash away, the plaque and tartar stick to dental surfaces, which increases the risk of cavities.

5.    Stop smoking.

Another proven way to curb d


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