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Wisdom tooth pain is quite intense, which is why approximately 5 million Americans opt for wisdom tooth removals. One might consider wisdom teeth removal as the parent of a teen or a young adult. Serving Westmont, Willowbrook, Darien, and Downers Grove, Dr. Sana Ahmed and Dr. Juned Mohammed of Evolve Dentistry provide comfortable wisdom teeth removal and oral surgery for those with erupted and invisible (impacted) wisdom teeth. Learn more about wisdom teeth removal in Westmont, IL.

Do: Address wisdom tooth pain as soon as you realize it’s happening.

Most people get a complete set of primary teeth by age 3, but wisdom teeth erupt between 17 and 21. Similar to how infants feel uncomfortable throughout their teething period, it’s normal to feel discomfort as wisdom teeth erupt.

When they come in correctly, they can help you chew your food. But many people’s mouths are not large and wide enough to fit third molars. When there is not enough space for an average of 4 extra teeth, problems are likely to follow, including:

·         Bacterial overgrowth, painful infections, and cysts

·         Difficulty flossing in the back of the mouth

·         Crowding and damaging neighboring teeth

Don’t: Eat solid, spicy, or chewy foods while your mouth is healing.

Our Evolve Dentistry team knows that there’s a lot that comes with preparing for wisdom teeth removal, including planning post-op meals. So, what’s on the menu during the first week of oral surgery recovery?

While patients can anticipate soreness after wisdom tooth removal, a solid nutrition plan aids recovery. We suggest choosing foods that are cold and soft at first. Then, increase your diet as you feel comfortable. For example:

·         The first two days: Enjoy foods that are semi-liquid and don’t require much chewing, like apple sauce, broth, and yogurt.

·         Day 3 and so on: At this point, you can enjoy more soft foods, like eggs, shepherd’s pie, and mac and cheese.

Generally, we suggest avoiding things with tiny, hard seeds, foods that could break off into shards, spicy foods that could irritate wounds, and chewy foods that are more challenging to eat. It’s important to understand that these limitations are temporary! Soon enough, you’ll be able to eat your favorite foods again.

Do: Take post-op medication as prescribed.

Whether Dr. Ahmed or Dr. Mohammed prescribes antibiotics or painkillers, taking them as directed is essential. Abusing or neglecting to take medication can lead to slower healing, bacterial infections, and substance abuse problems.

Don’t: Forget to sit back and relax.

Sometimes overlooked yet crucial component of the healing process is rest. Soft tissues (like gums) rejuvenate and repair as we sleep. So, if one is not getting enough rest, it’ll be more challenging for the body to bounce back after wisdom teeth removal.

Do: Book a wisdom teeth removal appointment with our Westmont dentists!

If you feel the notorious uneasy pressure or pain from your wisdom teeth eruption, we want you to receive care from wisdom teeth dentists who are experts in their field, use the latest in dental technology, and care about your well-being. At Evolve Dentistry, Dr. Ahmed and Dr. Mohammed are here to help you feel better. Schedule wisdom teeth removal in Westmont, IL, by calling (630) 812-7755 or booking an appointment online.


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